A common tip that is often given for people who travel is that they should come up with an itinerary. When traveling, an itinerary is quite helpful as it allows you to map out the trip that you would have. You would be able to pick out the things that you want to do and see how you can allot the time for it to ensure that you do get to go to those places that you want to go to.

When I thought about creating this blog, all I really had was a general idea of what I wanted to. I just wanted to write about the various places that I visit. While thinking a bit deeper about it though, I realized that there are a few other side trips that I want to get to while doing this blog. So here is the itinerary for the entire trip that is The Wandering Dork.

  1. Write about the different places that I visit.
  2. Take pictures of these places and present them in the best way possible.
  3. Respond to people who may have questions about the things that I write
  4. Travel more so that I’ll have more things to blog about.

Let’s go!


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