Team Building at Cala Perdida – October 2016

Cala Perdida is a beachfront resort in Batangas. My team from the office decided to hold our team building/outing there and it was set for one of those weekends in October. At first, I was tentative to join since I thought it was going to hit my Taiwan trip. But things worked out in the end and I was able to attend.

Going to Cala Perdida.

The thing with going to Cala Perdida is that you would have to pass through kilometres of steep dirt road. For people who have cars that are quite low, it could be a difficult trek. Some of my work mates had to temporarily leave the car (to lessen the load) and the driver had to maneuver carefully so as to avoid getting their cars damaged.

At the resort:

The resort itself was quite nice. It was very private (probably because of having to pass through plenty of difficult roads) and it had a number of nice amenities. The rooms/houses were nice, it had a very welcoming and helpful staff, and a nice infinity pool. I guess what is lacking is the beach and the waters. The beach front was quite narrow and the sand wasn’t really that smooth. The water as well was not really that swimmable. While the water was quite clear, you get to see pieces of trash scattered about. There was also a nice rocky area off to the side of the beach.



Battle between Light and Dark

While the place was nice but nothing really exceptional to write home about during the afternoon and evening. It changes if you try to catch the sunrise. During the sunrise you get to see the contrast between light and dark, with the water nearly perfectly mirroring whatever is happening above it. Words cannot really do it justice, and even the images I took can’t capture the awesome feeling as you see it unfold right before you.





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